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Berengaria of Navarra

by Austin Hernon

Berengaria was born in around 1165, the first girl to grace the cradle of King Sancho and Queen Sancha. Her life changed fourteen years later, in 1179, when her mother died prematurely.

In an age when princesses were a crown asset, her friends and subjects alike probably expected Berengaria to follow the traditional path and make a suitable marriage in the defence of the realm. However, Berengaria enjoyed her position ruling the royal household and developed an independence and self-assurance that was to set her in good stead when that eligible prince finally came a-calling. Or rather, when his mother did... Read More

Peace of The Magna Carta - Henry III

by Austin Hernon

What do you do when your mother come along and tells you that your father has died – and you are nine years old? This is the story of the nine year old Henry when his father, King John, died near the end of the civil war in England when he (John) rejected the terms of Magna Carta. What a tussle ensues for the ear of the young king, who wants to guide and manipulate the lad, who are his friends, and who see him as an easy route to fortune... Read More