History Re-imagined

The historian’s perennial question: ‘is it true, and if it happened, why?’

Most chronicles, not only those from the eleventh and twelfth centuries, which I write about, but arguably ever since scribes began to write them, are versions of the truth.

Written to order by history’s winners their task is to ensure that their spin on the events of the times were accepted as the truth.

Monks in cells scribbling to order, bishops, great lords and monarchs alike keen to propagandise events to suit their own narrative, all contrived to write history as they saw it.

History Reimagined endeavours to discover the truth, exploring the motives behind the patrons of the chronicles and seeking to uncover the stories between the ‘facts’, as laid down on vellum and sheepskin.

Accepted facts are used as milestones, the stories between them are imaginings shaped by research and the author’s own life experiences, intuition and knowledge.

Enjoy the ride as we Reimagine History and bring to life people like Robert the Wayward Prince and Princess Berengaria.