Books by Austin Hernon

A job posting to the Outer Hebrides witnessing the effects of the Highland Clearances, started a curious chain of events as to how this social disaster took place in the 19th century, following the trail of land ownership back to 1066 and the Norman invasion. There he came across the grossly under-reported, Robert. The eldest son of William the Conqueror, which led to Austin's first series, 'The Wayward Prince.' He is now hot on the trail of all victims of historical propaganda and false reporting, hence his latest series, The Wars of the Magna Carta, where victims of the murk of history are exhumed for further detailed examination - in the nicest possible way, of course.

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Robert The Wayward Prince (Book Series)

by Austin Hernon

Robert The Wayward Prince is the story of the Conqueror’s eldest son, living within the family from hell, where greed and treachery go hand in hand with love and loyalty... Read More

The Wayward Prince

by Austin Hernon

The Battle of Hastings is won and William the Conqueror now rules England. The victory brings only fresh challenges for the Norman – with Scottish and Welsh nobles to keep in order as well as potential Saxon rebels to stay on top of... Read More

Warriors of the Cross

by Austin Hernon

It’s 1097 AD and a battle is brewing for control of the Holy City of Jerusalem after Pope Urban II issued a call to arms for it to be to rescued from the hands of the Moslems... Read More

The Vengeful Son

by Austin Hernon

Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy, is the eldest son of William the Conqueror, yet it's his younger brother, Henry, who is now king of England... Read More

Wars of the Magna Carta (Book Series)

by Austin Hernon

The Magna Carta was supposed to bring peace, instead the crown is once more under threat. England, 1216, King John has lost the English dukedoms of Normandy and Brittany... Read More

Wars of the Magna Carta: The Battle of England

by Austin Hernon

The people are in uproar and the English barons have contacted the French Prince Louis to cross over the Channel and take charge of a new ‘civil’ war in England... Read More

Wars of the Magna Carta: A Contest of Wills

by Austin Hernon

The King who reneged on the Magna Carta is dead but will his successor bring peace to the realm? England 1217, King John is dead and his son the child-king Henry III is on the throne supported by William Marshal England’s greatest knight... Read More