Wars of the Magna Carta – Book Two

A Contest of Wills

by Austin Hernon

Paperback: 175 pages
Publisher: Sapere Books (12 Jan. 2019)
Language: English


The garrison of Lincoln Castle, ruled by the redoubtable Nicholaa, held firm. When the siege is lifted, and the English army led by William Marshal broke through the strangling French, the gallant ladies who led the resistance find themselves embroiled in plots to take over their appointments. With the assistance of the redoubtable William Marshal they appeal directly to the new king, the nine-year-old Henry III, but how will the Magna Carta help them? Are women’s rights safe under the new charter?

See how they bring their courage, fortitude and resourcefulness to bear in this sequel to The Battle for England in Book Two of ‘Wars of the Magna Carta’.

Explore more about the history of Lincoln Castle here: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/history-and-heritage/lincoln-castle/


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