Wars of the Magna Carta – Book One

Battle for England

by Austin Hernon

Paperback: 245 pages
Publisher: Sapere Books (27 Nov. 2018)
Language: English


By 1215 King John was in serious trouble. He had upset his most important subjects in as many ways as they could count. He had lost the English dukedoms of Normandy and Brittany, and the counties of Aquitaine, Poitou, and Anjou, to Philip of France. He had taken a hand in the murder of his nephew Arthur – the heir nominated by his brother, King Richard. He had been excommunicated by Pope Innocent III and been presented with a revolt in Wales. Latterly, he had been persuaded into signing the Magna Carta by his nobles – which he reneged on, claiming that he was forced into acceptance and had only signed it under duress. This final bad decision led to the barons inviting the French Prince Louis over the Channel to take charge of a new ‘civil’ war in England.

In 1216 John lost Westminster and fled to Winchester. Dover Castle was under siege, and England south of a line from the Wash to Bristol was in revolt. John was being pulled back and forth by the tides of war, travelling as far north as Berwick to quell the flames. By the autumn he was back in the south with the state of England in serious danger of becoming a French crown territory.

The eyes of England turn towards the Midlands, where, proud on its ridge, stands the mighty citadel of Lincoln, a stronghold since Roman times. Lincoln must hold out if the country is to survive.

Lincoln and its nearby supporting fortress of Laxton are in the hands of two redoubtable women: Nicholaa of Lincoln and Matilda of Laxton, both hereditary Keepers of the King’s Forest. Nicholaa and Matilda hold the lands of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire between the coast and the Pennines secure through the defence of their castles. They must hold firm: the central defence of England rests upon their shoulders.

This book was originally released as The Women Who Saved England. It was then taken up by publishers Sapere Books and expanded into a two-part series under the encompass of ‘Wars of the Magna Carta’. It has since received five-star reviews on Amazon.


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