Robert The Wayward Prince – Book I

The Wayward Prince

by Austin Hernon


Trouble is my eternal and unshakeable companion and today it arrived once more.

Robert the Wayward Prince – Book One: The Making of an Empire by Austin Hernon tells the tale of the not-so-well-known eldest son of William the Conqueror, Robert, Duke of Normandy. The fictional autobiography begins in 1079, thirteen years after the Battle of Hastings and the Norman takeover of England.

Robert is 25 and practising war games with friends at Gerberoy when a summons comes from his father telling him to get out of France and return to Normandy. Robert doesn’t care for his father’s tone, and he and his warriors ride out to meet the challenge instead.

Robert’s is a life full of conflict, amour and adventures. A sensual man, he enjoys his time with the ladies – to the despair of his father and the priests who wish he would turn up to early morning Mass more often, rather than attending to his bedroom duties. Yet Robert recognises the demands of his position in life and is anxious to excel, travelling through France, England, Scotland and Italy to bring his particular brand of diplomacy wherever he goes…


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