The Women Who Saved England.

Battle for EnglandLincoln castle, a fortress since before Roman times. the Normans replaced the wooden palisade with an earthen bank and a stone built wall.

It sits at the centre of important communication links: Ermine street – London to York, runs through the middle of the town. The Fosse way – Lincoln to Bristol, connects just south of the town.

The nearby River Trent flows between the Humber estuary into the centre of Nottingham, and it watches over the main arterial road, The Great North Way – now known as the A1.

                                       Lincoln castle circa 13th century, from the west.


  Nicholaa de la Haye. Castellan, Sheriff, and Keeper of the King’s Forest.

Don’t mess with me. Or else.   

Nicholaa’s companion, the lovely Basilea.          



Across the river Trent, Laxton castle. 

)Reproduced by kind permission of Nottinghamshire Library’s Service)


Castellan, Matilda de Caux   And hereditary Keeper of the King’s Forest of Sherwood.


Matilda’s companion is Orva, well capable of looking after herself.   


All of the women above are of Saxon heritage, who married into Norman families.


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