Robert The Wayward Prince – Book 2

An unusual period of family peace sees Robert, eldest son of the Conqueror, persuaded to go to war on another continent. Seeing a chance for holy glory and eternal life, Robert’s uncle, Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, combines with Pope Urban II to persuade Robert to agree to  mortgage Normandy to his brother King William Rufus and go off to liberate the holy city of Jerusalem.

Robert set off from Rouen with his Norman army in September 1096. Before them lies a journey of some 3,000 miles, on foot, wagon, and horseback – with many obstacles along the way. This is his story, taken from research and eyewitness accounts; an adventure beyond imagination.

‘Be certain, good princes, that when you defy convention you should also write your own history else those whom you did frighten or discomfort will gladly write it for you. Or worse, bury it.’

Robert The Wayward Prince – Book Two: Warrior of the Cross