Robert The Wayward Prince (Series)

Robert The Wayward Prince

William the Conqueror had a son, his eldest son, who never became King of England. This is his story, a life of adventure.

Robert The Wayward Prince Book Series

Robert the Wayward Prince is the story of the Conqueror’s eldest son, living in the family from hell where greed and treachery go hand in hand with love and loyalty. A very modern tale from the eleventh century plucked straight from the pages of history and brought to life in an exciting first-person narrative.

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The Wayward Prince

“William the Conqueror had a son, Robert, who ploughed his own furrow in life. Only two people were not afraid of the warlike William, his wife, Queen Matilda, and his eldest son, Robert. If you like a long, adventurous story then this book is for you.”

The Warriors of the Cross

“The First Crusade – A bloody clash of faiths and the sands of Palestine run red, but Robert, ever resourceful, still finds love amongst the debris of war – the not-to-be missed second part of Robert’s turbulent life. What a cracker.”

The Vengeful Son

“Henry I, having grasped an opportunity to seize the throne of England – after his brother, William Rufus’ mysterious death in the New Forest, now must divert the next in line to the crown of England, Robert, Duke of Normandy.”

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