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Quoted below is article 50 from the 1215 Magna Carta. It is interesting because of one name in particular.
Philip Marc is the High Sheriff of Nottingham, and as such was responsible for the management of the Royal enclosure of the forest, an area set aside for the use of the king and his cronies.
Philip was not responsible for the management of the forest at large, including Sherwood.

(50) We will remove completely from their offices the kinsmen of Gerard de Athée, and in future they shall hold no offices in England. The people in question are Engelard de Cigogné, Peter, Guy, and Andrew de Chanceaux, Guy de Cigogné, Geoffrey de Martigny and his brothers, Philip Marc and his brothers, with Geoffrey his nephew, and all their followers.

The person responsible for the forest at large during the period of King John had inherited the appointment from her father, she was Matilda of Laxton, a redoubtable woman by any standards.
Philip, poor chap, was sacked for his interference in the management of the forest, to the annoyance of Matilda, she won that one.
If you’re wondering where Robin Hood is, try, ‘Ivanhoe,’ by Sir Walter Scott, published in 1831. It is a hard hitting protest against racism, and the development of the class system in England at the time of King John. A very good book, if difficult for the modern eye to follow. In it are several characters who feature in the Robin Hood myths. The name Robyn Hode first appears in an allegorical fantasy entitled, ‘Piers the Plowman,’ in the 13th century, after the 1215 Magna Carta.
Just shows what Errol Flynn in tight tights can do for a legend.

We’re looking forward to the re-release of the first novel of a series: ‘Wars of the Magna Carta.’  The aftermath of King John’s repudiation of the 1215 Magna Carta.

Book one of the series: The Battle for England,’ medieval women at war, is to be released in October 2018, followed soon afterwards by Books two and three.

More news as it comes.

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