From Princess to Queen – Berengaria’s story.

       When Richard’s mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, went to Navarre to collect Berengaria, (Berenguella) and travel to meet Richard at Marseilles, it was a betrothal brought about by a chance meeting when the pair were but teenagers, or so some would have it. Others will see it as an affair of State, brought about by intense diplomatic activity, for the mutual benefit of both Aquitaine and Navarre.

When they reached Marseilles they found that not only had Richard moved on, he had not left them a ship for them to follow him in.

An overland journey followed, crossing from France to Italy over the Alpes-Maritimes. Some say that they crossed, The Alps, unlikely given that it was impossible in winter, and Eleanor, in her sixties, was too wily a bird to even attempt that route.

They eventually, and after much adventuring, caught up with Richard in the straits of Messina.

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