• Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve moved away from the Norman Princes, will you be writing about them again?

The Robert saga has run its course, but I’ll not be leaving the period.

You’ve found another subject, a woman?

I have, but it’s more an ideal than a subject.

What do you mean?

It comes from what I learned during the research for the Robert series, the chronicles are not to be trusted all of the time, they can be coloured, twisted even, to become propaganda rather than reportage.

Why a woman?

For a lot of chroniclers, women didn’t exist except as part of their husband’s story in those times.

The chroniclers being men?

Monks – writing in Latin and for a sponsor, the church or some important person who wanted the story according to his wishes relayed.

Were the chronicles not accurate?

Sometimes, in parts, the trick is to read as many versions of the same event to come to a reasonable conclusion as to what went on and why. Why some reputations are diminished and why some were exalted beyond reasonableness.

How much have you invented?

As a writer of historical fiction I have a certain latitude, but the main facts are established by research. It’s only the silences that history leaves between the facts that let me loose with both my imagination and my own life experiences.

And you find that those silences are prevalent in the histories of women?

Indeed, and I’ve found fertile ground in this next novel, ‘The Women Who Saved England.’ Two women whom England should be proud of. Nicholaa of Lincoln and Matilda of Laxton.

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