The Dark Queen – Philippa of Hainault

In Preparation

Philippa of Hanault

By Austin Hernon


Edward II of England and his wife, Isabella, found marriage difficult. Edward conveniently disappeared in 1327, leaving Isabella the freedom to find a wife suitable for her son, Edward III. Queen Isabella’s eye settled upon a well-born girl in Flanders, Philippa of Hainault. She was inspected by a deputation of bishops and found fit, then married by proxy, and then married formally to Edward in York Minster on 24 January 1328.

Edward and Philippa were both teenagers, she probably a year or so older than Edward. How Philippa viewed their pairing and how she dealt with the machinations of Isabella and her mother-in-law’s illicit lover, Mortimer, who were both determined to exploit the youngsters to the full, makes fascinating material for History Reimagined.

Was the marriage a recipe for disaster or would they survive the court intrigue and the ambitions of Edward’s formidable mother? Was Philippa living out love’s young dream or would the crown of England condemn her to perpetual misery?

This book is currently being prepared – check back for more details in the near future.