• Robert The Wayward Prince – Book Three

The Vengeful Son

Tragedy and treachery: the story of Robert and Sybil’s son, William. Pitched as a child, into the post civil war period of King Henry’s usurpation of the crown of England, young William is rescued from certain assassination and taken to Flanders. Here he is trained as a knight and prepared to lead the Norman resistance against Henry I. With two marriages, one lover, the assistance of King Louis of France, and the grant of the County of Flanders, William’s exciting life and his  high ideals of honour are the overriding themes within Book Three.

Following the defeat of Robert through treachery at the battle of Tinchebray, Henry finds that he has made a strategic blunder in allowing Robert’s son, William Clito to escape his clutches. The four year old is spirited away to Flanders where the support he needs to turn him into the warrior capable of leading a revolt against his obsessive and ambitious uncle is waiting.

On completion of his training, William is presented with the sword that his father used to seize the standard of the Egyptian army at Ascelon, outside of Jerusalem.

Now it is the young warrior’s turn, can William lead his men into battle, on behalf of Flanders, France, and Normandy, to cast his treacherous Uncle Henry off Robert’s lands and chase him back over the sea to England?

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Book Three, ‘The Vengeful Son,’ is expected in Summer 2016.