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The Women Who Saved England.

Lincoln castle, a fortress since before Roman times. the Normans replaced the wooden palisade with an earthen bank and a stone built wall. It sits at the centre of important communication links: Ermine street – London to York, runs through the middle of the town. The Fosse way – Lincoln to Bristol, connects just south […]

Research, research, research.

Quoted below is article 50 from the 1215 Magna Carta. It is interesting because of one name in particular. Philip Marc is the High Sheriff of Nottingham, and as such was responsible for the management of the Royal enclosure of the forest, an area set aside for the use of the king and his cronies. […]

From Princess to Queen – Berengaria’s story.

       When Richard’s mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, went to Navarre to collect Berengaria, (Berenguella) and travel to meet Richard at Marseilles, it was a betrothal brought about by a chance meeting when the pair were but teenagers, or so some would have it. Others will see it as an affair of State, brought […]

From Princess to Queen – Berengaria’s journeys.

Not easily discouraged, Eleanor continued to pursue her son through Italy, here they were waylaid by a papal legate, after a difficult interview they were left with the notion that, apart from the crusade, there was another big game in play involving European politics in which they were expected to side with the pope. With […]

Robert – The Wayward Prince, trilogy,

                                                    Our new partner, ENDEAVOUR MEDIA, have now released the Robert trilogy in ebook (Kindle) and paperback versions. Particularly interesting is their offer for the three books in ebook form, available […]

New versions available now.

Please note that the Wayward Prince Trilogy is now available in both ebook and paperback versions. Our publisher, Endeavour Media invites you to browse the books on Amazon. The most exciting post-1066 adventure involving the conqueror’s eldest son, Robert. The saga of a much maligned and misunderstood character who pursues his own path across a […]

Berengaria – The Lionheart’s Queen.

                 Eleanor of Aquitaine decided to go to Navarra to collect Berengaria whilst her son, Richard set off to Marseilles to gather his invasion fleet for the third crusade. Eleanor and Berengaria were expected to follow Richard on horseback and eventually catch up with him for the arranged […]

Robert I – The ebook.

The Battle of Hastings is won and William the Conqueror now rules England. But the victory brings only fresh challenges for the Norman, with Scottish and Welsh nobles to keep in order as well as potential Saxon rebels to stay on top of. And there are dangers lurking everywhere in Europe for any monarch in […]