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Magna Carta

The before and after of Magna Carta

Now that the immediate story of Magna Carta is available on Amazon, I have been asked to write a sequel – however, I had already begun the prequel, and this is in its final stages of preparation.

Richard and Berengaria is the story of what happened when King Richard went on crusade leaving his younger brother Prince John in charge of England – and the disaster that it turned into.

On his way to the Holy Land Richard also married the Basque princess, Berengaria, in Cyprus.

Crusader States


This is Berengaria’s story, how she was cast into the bloody mayhem of the third crusade, and a loveless marriage to the most powerful king in Christendom.

The, ‘after,’ is to be the story of the Nine year old Henry III, successor to his lecherous, treacherous, incompetent father, King John.

These new novels, bringing to light the weird world of the Plantagenet dynasty are due out later this year.

And let us introduce, Gorman ©, our friendly Norman storyteller.