• Robert The Wayward Prince

Robert The Wayward Prince Trilogy

The Making of an Empire – Book One

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Blood and Barter

In 11th century Europe if you gained land by the sword you needed to hold it by the sword – or marry your children wisely. Loyalty could be short-lived and whether it was gained through blood ties or purchase it was never guaranteed. Anyone desirous of land and power needed obsessive ambition, determination and absolute belief in self, and to be a competent warrior-general and perhaps a diplomat as well.

Any man highly born who did not possess all of these treasured qualities might well struggle when his time came to inherit his father’s domains.

Robert The Wayward Prince is the fictional autobiography of one such man: highly intelligent, a fierce warrior yet a gentle lover, a competent general and diplomat but lacking in personal ambition: these are the tensions which governed the life of Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy.

Our journey, based on fully researched historical fact, begins in France, in 1079. See what emblazoned drama awaits Robert in Book One.

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Paperback will be available at the end of March 2015.

If you are a reader who likes a long, adventurous story that covers a great span of time then this book is for you.

The Warriors of the Cross – Book Two

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Bloody Mayhem

In Warrior of the Cross we hear the narrative of a man who led his own army southwards from Normandy; the story of Robert, Duke of Normandy, with his experiences told in his own words.

Bloody mayhem ensued in this clash of cultures; a no-mercy confrontation between faiths set amid a background of scheming, land-grabbing and the naked ambition of the Christian warlords, matched only by the unremitting cruelty and bigotry of those church leaders present.

Rising above that, Robert appears as a moral and effective leader, often at odds with his senior companions, and far better prepared for the undertaking with resources and strategy they’d never conceived of. Planning, implementation, accomplishment on the battlefield and astonishing bravery raise this man above his contemporaries at every juncture.

And between the fighting and the scheming, Robert is always ready to receive the attention of a lady, and has many a romance along the way – as one has come to expect in the turbulent life of Robert of Normandy.

A bloody clash of faiths and the sands of Palestine run red, but Robert, ever resourceful, still finds love amongst the debris of war – the not-to-be missed second part of Robert’s turbulent life. What a cracker.

The Vengeful Son – Book Three

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The Vengeful Son

This is the story about how he became a mighty Prince Warrior, supported by Louis VI, the King of France, to become the vengeful son, making war and love in equal measure across the lands of Northern Europe.

Amid the turmoil of domains set alight by the actions of King Henry I, the lords of the region are forced to take sides as young William adds to the flames and makes Normandy, the Vexin, and the French borderlands ungovernable with his well-conceived and  fiercely delivered guerrilla warfare.

In a desperate attempt to frustrate William’s ambition to return Normandy to his father, Henry uses bribes, threats, and Machiavellian plots to prevent the lad from making suitable marriages. Nevertheless William, the beautiful son of a beautiful mother, can always find comforting arms when the need takes him, or when he is targeted by some willing lady.

Set between the defeat and the final years of Robert and Tegwin, William’s story ranges wide across the turbulent 12th century, from savagery on the battlefield to gentle love in the bed chamber. Readers will find that William has inherited most of his father’s good points but raised his own performance to a new level of intensity in this, the climactic finale of the Norman Prince Trilogy.

Only eight years old when his father was defeated at the Battle of Tinchebray, William, the son of the beautiful Sibyl and Robert, was saved by a faithful aunt and uncle and spirited away to spend his formative years in the care of friends in Flanders.”